How strong is an Airdecks Pod?

This is the first prototype of the Airdecks system, 2015. A six board Airdeck Pod which is bolted to a building that was 107 years old using a 10mm x 100mm Thunderbolt (we are now using 14mm x 100mm Hilti Hus screw anchor bolts) taking the total weight of 1 tonne (car 900kg, 8 x 2.4m scaffold boards and a wooden pallet).

The Airdeck Pod could have taken more weight but to get the car lifted onto the pod we had to remove the verticle supports for the handrails, the wall tie-in bars and which add considerably more strength and rigidity to the system.

This clearly demonstrates and removes any fears with regards to the strength and the weight the Airdecks System can take.

Since this event the Airdecks system has change considerably to what we are now selling which allows for the use of tube and fitting scaffolding on top, is even stronger but still gives all the benefits associated with the Airdecks system