Welcome to the Airdecks Ltd Blog

The Airdecks system is revolutionary to the market. Easily and quickly erected, it frees up walkways for pedestrians and allows vehicles to carry on their journey unobstructed. As the system doesn’t have a footprint it prevents unwanted individuals from climbing on it. This removes the requirement of shuttering or foam padding around ground level scaffolding and as the Airdecks system is suspended from the building it prevents any unnecessary injury to individuals who should not be on the scaffolding. Workers using the system will also see the benefits as it allows them to undergo their duties unobstructed.

Savings will be made through storage and transportation costs as the system is modular in design requiring limited amount of storage and can be easily transported in a small vehicle. There is constant R & D taking place with the Airdecks system so follow this blog to see new products coming to the market to help you undertake the job you are doing.