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Welcome to the Airdecks Ltd Blog

The Airdecks system is revolutionary to the market. Easily and quickly erected, it frees up walkways for pedestrians and allows vehicles to carry on their journey unobstructed. As the system doesn’t have a footprint it prevents unwanted individuals from climbing on it. This removes the requirement of shuttering or foam padding around ground level scaffolding […]

Anchor Bolt Fixings Used for the Airdecks System

We’ve had a lot of interest in the Airdecks system with lots of enquiries about the anchor bolt fixings we supply.  We use a 14mm x 100mm Hilti Huss screw anchors which has a diameter of approximately 10mm, smaller than a 5 pence piece.. This is a truly versatile anchor bolt which allows the wall plate of […]

How strong is an Airdecks Pod?

This is the first prototype of the Airdecks system, 2015. A six board Airdeck Pod which is bolted to a building that was 107 years old using a 10mm x 100mm Thunderbolt (we are now using 14mm x 100mm Hilti Hus screw anchor bolts) taking the total weight of 1 tonne (car 900kg, 8 x […]

Multi Award Winners SME Winners for Innovation 2021 Scottish EDGE Business Award 2016

Airdecks Ltd are proud to announce another award for innovation in 2021. As with all competitions there was a large number of entries but Airdecks Ltd came top of the pile. Along with our previous award, winners of the Scottish EDGE Business Awards 2016 this is further validation of hard work all the team has put […]

New Improved Airdeck

Airdecks over extension The Airdecks system has gone through a number of changes in the last 6 months which sees it bigger, lighter, stronger, safer and 90% of it is now built from the ground. If working on metal containers you could build 100% of the Airdecks system from the ground. The Airdecks system no longer uses the […]

The Airdeck is Fabricated by a Fully Accredited Fabricator.

After a considerable time searching across the UK, Airdecks® are delighted to announce that the Airdeck® system is now being manufactured by a fully accredited fabricator who is certified to BS EN ISO 9001:2015. Not only is the Airdeck® stronger, lighter and safer but we now have an accredited fabricator to be by our side CONTACT US NOW […]